Residential Interior Design

SJ Interiors Provides Excellent Residential Design Solutions with experience within Europe in particular London, Zurich and Barcelona
Residential design is the act of enhancing the aesthetic appearance of a residential building to suit the owner’s taste. It is the most effective and efficient way of achieving a pleasing and attracting home. Every homeowner wants a design that reflects their lifestyle, exactly what we offer at SJ Interiors. With the help of our committed and professional architects, your design idea would be turned into something amazing.
Turning your Idea into reality, a Dream Residential Design
Designing requires creativity and professionalism. Our expert architects at SJ Interiors will thoroughly work with your design plan and idea. Taking your desired residential design, SJ Interiors will creatively turn your idea into something outstanding more than you could ever envisage. We appreciate the full range of different styles of residential design, homeowners in London, Barcelona and Zurich and elsewhere in Europe can count on our service for the best residential design.

Commercial Interior Design

We provide real time commercial interior design solution that’ll inspire your employees and attract your customers. SJ Interiors works with the concept of a business in coming up with the perfect interior design for the commercial workplace.
We employ the best industrial practices, expert architects and latest technologies to deliver commercial interior design services. Our designers and architects are highly-knowledgeable in the commercial aspect of interior designs. We provide designs to perfectly match the identity and brand of a business

Construction & Build

Building and Construction Service within Greater London and Surrey

At SJ Interiors, we provide real time building and construction solution for homeowners and real estate investors in London and Surrey. We have a team of highly skilled builders and professional tradesmen for your residential build project or extension build. We strive to employ the best practices, professionals and technologies to deliver top-notch building and construction service. SJ Interiors is perfect for both commercial and residential construction work, you can count on our innovative solutions always.

Interior Architecture

The impact of interior architecture and design on a building can never be overemphasized. SJ Interiors helps homeowners achieve an aesthetically pleasing and attracting environment through interior architectural work. Ranging from modern to contemporary and traditional interior architecture style, you can count on SJ Interiors to deliver the very best. Our expert architects are always ready to work with your idea to achieving a fantastic and desired end result.  SJ Interiors comprises team of professional and experienced architects who are highly-knowledgeable of interior architecture rudiments