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    Interior Decorating and Styling Ideas

    What is Interior Decoration?  Interior decoration is the art of enhancing the appearance of the interior part of a building with desirable designs to make it more aesthetically pleasing.  Interior decoration – the art of enhancing the appearance of the inside of a building utilising desirable designs to make the space more aesthetically pleasing. In recent years, several styles and concepts of interior designs have emerge due to the fast growth of technology. For those who have good eye for interior design, there are several categories they can settle for, depending on their specific taste and financial status.  Due to […]

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    Benefits of hiring an Interior Designer

    Incredible Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer. We offer design services in London, Zurich and within Europe Commissioned as an Interior Designer, Samantha Jane Interiors brings the ability to appreciate a space adding texture, colour, functionality and experience. The experience to translate client’s wishes into reality.  A unique talent in processing all the elements of a project from initial thoughts to that magical experience of seeing that finish project. Grounded in managing the key elements of an interior design project, Time, Money and Quality. Interior Designers Keep Your Timeline Efficient Project management is about one thing, ‘THE DELIVERY’ S J […]

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