Benefits of hiring an Interior Designer

Incredible Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer. We offer design services in London, Zurich and within Europe

Commissioned as an Interior Designer, Samantha Jane Interiors brings the ability to appreciate a space adding texture, colour, functionality and experience.

The experience to translate client’s wishes into reality. 

A unique talent in processing all the elements of a project from initial thoughts to that magical experience of seeing that finish project.

Grounded in managing the key elements of an interior design project, Time, Money and Quality.

Interior Designers Keep Your Timeline Efficient

Project management is about one thing, ‘THE DELIVERY’

S J Interiors clearly defines ‘The Delivery’ of your interior design project.  To achieve the agreed delivery, the best project managers assemble a team that are professional and totally focused on that delivery.

Samantha Jane Interiors demonstrably has the personal skills to assemble a team of individuals that are best at their jobs.

Breaking down a project and clearly assigning roles / tasks, identifying milestones and allocating the appropriate resources.

Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing the phrases of Team building. Samantha Jane Interiors knows how to manage this within agreed timeline. 

We Professionally Manage Your Budget

We are experienced at Project Management, at the commencement of  a project, a detailed budget which has been accurately costed will be presented.

The perfect balance between price and quality identified at the initial stage of your interior design project. The implications of any variations will be pricey fed back to the client at a timely manner. 

Interior Designers Create Uniquely Functional Spaces

Samantha Jane’s personal experience allows her to see the world through her clients lens. Understanding their lifestyle, translating that into functional use of space and stamping her clients character on that space.

Interior Designers Make Your Home Personal

Every space is unique. 

Every client is unique.

The result in Interior design is unique.

Interior Designers Bring You our Suppliers and Network

Over the years, S J Interiors has assembled a community (family) of suppliers that work together in a trusting environment.

High Trust means low transactional costs hence reducing overall cost of a project.

How many times does lack of trust result in a high transactional cost which sadly has to be passed on to the client.

 Professional Interior Designers Give You Peace of Mind

Experience , Capability, Transparency, Qualities

S J Interiors exhibits in abundance and the ability to interact with the client in unobtrusive manner

Hiring an Interior Designer Transform Lives

Harmony derived from living in a beautiful, functional space cannot be underestimated.

An interior designed space by Samantha Jane Interiors archives this.

S J Interiors lives for design. Bringing a beautiful design to a client is very fulfilling

If you think your next project could benefit from an interior designer, let’s get in touch!